10 Secrets Of Being A Ballet Teacher

So technically, I'm a ballet teaching assistant in a class of girls aged 7-10 but, I have been doing this job for around three years now so I like to think I have a pretty good insight to what it's like to be an actual teacher. The things I have listed below are of my... Continue Reading →


The Best Cake Place In London

London is a massive city filled with seemingly endless places to buy cakes, BUT I think I may have found the best place to buy them. In Covent Garden there is a small cafe in the market called Sweetheart Cupcakes. Located on the bottom floor of the indoor market, this cafe has clearly built up... Continue Reading →

One Year On…

A little over a year ago, I uploaded my very first blog post. It was about new years resolutions and definitely wasn't my best piece of writing, but it opened the door to a new world I didn't really know much about, and in the year that's passed I have learnt a whole load about... Continue Reading →

My 21st Birthday

Hi guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've had a super busy month with everything that comes with December and now we're finally in that bit between Christmas and new year, I finally have a proper opportunity to sit down and write! Anyway, earlier this month I had my 21st birthday and I thought... Continue Reading →

Winter Bucket List

Winter can be so miserable at times, with the freezing weather and what feels like hundreds of illnesses going around. But there's something a little bit magical about it too, and having Christmas in the middle of it probably helps, but there are so many activities you can do in the winter months that you... Continue Reading →

Rocky Road Mug Cake

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting cooler it can only mean one thing; it's comfort food season! I have a great recipe for a mug cake which can be made and served within minutes and can be customised to your favourite flavour so really is the perfect comfort food. There may be... Continue Reading →

Mini Haul!

I went shopping recently which means it's time for another haul post! I don't often go on big shopping trips so it's another mini haul but that's ok, right? It just gives me another excuse to go and do some more shopping! Anyway, enough rambling on, let me show you what I got this time...... Continue Reading →

My To Be Read List

A few years back when I was wanting something new to read I came across this site What Should I Read Next in which you create a list of books and it will give you recommendations based off your list. From here, you can create other lists for example, favourite books or books you hate.... Continue Reading →

Back To School Survival Kit

The summer coming to an end means back to school, college, or university for a lot of you. This year is the second year that I'm not going back into education, but I still wanted to write about something that I found really helpful which I only had in my last year of college! A... Continue Reading →

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